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$250.00/hour and half

A comprehensive overview of birth chart and present time.

Recording:  You are welcome to record our 90 minute session.

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If this is your first astrological reading, you will be astonished at the sheer volume of information an interpreted horoscope can yield. Our conversation will cover many of these bases but not necessarily all of them.  Look at this list ahead of time so we can be sure to discuss those issues.


Keep in mind that the point of this conversation is dialogue not monologue. At the beginning, I’ll do more of the talking but thereafter your participation is vital.  After all, this is your life and opportunity to engage the possibilities fully.


Comprehensive overview of the entire birth chart addressing issues such as:

       Personality and Motivation

       Material resources/values

       Ways of Communicating

       Family of Origin

       Living space roots and all

       Creative outlets/Fun/Leisure

       Force of habit and work   


       Significant Relationship(s)

       Mysteries of life 

       Travel, Religious and Philosophical concerns

       Career aspirations

       Community or group involvement/friends

       Buried but burning old issues 

       Current developments and questions

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