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Pam Tyler M.Div, J.D., Dip.API


Give yourself a day off from the usual Saturday chores or mindless retail therapy and slip into a more creative, dynamic mode as you learn how to explore your own horoscope.


There is no previous knowledge needed just a willingness to see your circle of possibility in wide eyed amazement at the insight astrology gives you for every-day living. Gather with veteran astrologer Pam Tyler for a fun, instructive workshop designed to teach absolute beginner the basics without the aggravation of complicated mathematics and jargon.


And, guess what? Your Sun sign will NOT be the focus of our attention. Be prepared for seeing color, space, direction, shape, and pattern in altogether new ways of discovering the joy of you.

Date: January 7, 2023

Time: 10AM-4PM

RegistrationCALL to register: 575-779-1382

(If no answer, please text or leave a message) 

Registration Fee: $125.00 (registration ends December 15th, 2022)
Birth Information RequiredMonth, Day, Year, Place of birth and exact Time of Birth which can be found on a Birth Certificate, Baptismal record or from another source such as family memory.

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