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Bruno and Louise Huber (Astrological Psychological Institute, Zurich, Switzerland) were my mentors for about ten years. Both now deceased, it was their systematic spiritual and psychological approach that turned my traditional astrological notions upside down.


What visually distinguishes a Huber chart from other natal traditions is its bright colors and uncluttered appearance. This format facilitates a holistic interpretation of the patterns while creating a personal mandala for meditation. However, it is the clear interpretive distinctions between aspects, planets, signs and houses that yields a more nuanced psychological understanding of a human being.   

The Huber perspective focuses on self-discovery and growth rather than prediction. The Age Progression (tied to chronological age) works in tandem with progressions and transits to clarify the demands of the time. However, the emphasis is on discernment followed by action consistent with one’s highest level of personal integrity and autonomy. 

Bruno and Louise Huber

Above: Bruno and Louise Huber 

Below: Pam (in turquoise) with Bruno and Louise in Brazil

Hubers in Brazil

“Astrology is one of the most ancient sciences held in high esteem of old, by the wise and the great.”

-Benjamin Franklin

Ben Franklin Natal Chart

Ben Franklin's Natal Chart

Ben Franklin's Age Progressions

Ben Franklin's Age Progressions

Ben Franklin's Dynamic Curve

Ben Franklin's Dynamic Curve Profile

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