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A horoscope, which is derived from the two Latin words ‘horo’ and ‘scope’, literally means ‘view of the hour’. It is a map of the heavens showing the relative positions of the planets and signs of zodiac at the time and place of a person’s birth. Often called a “seed packet” or a “road map”, the horoscope frames the way one’s deepest motivation intersects with one's  inherited predisposition and the world one inhabits. It describes one’s unique character, temperament, natural abilities, life challenges and optimal conditions for growth.


The horoscope looks static or unchangeable --but it isn’t.

The chart is dynamic. It moves forward from day one, just as the newborn infant grows into full maturity. Like a “road map” it mirrors the general path, direction, and timing for one's exit signs, rest spots, potential hazards, and periodic detours.


Navigating this special territory Life! can be tricky business absent sufficient clarity of who one is and what one’s life aspirations purport to be. By becoming familiar with one's ‘obvious’ and less ‘obvious’ talents, ‘passions’ and ‘poisons’, one discovers anew the freedom of new birth.


Astrology is a way of looking at priorities in the short and long term. Given one’s chronological age, natural inclinations and lived experience, the question arises: What matters most right now?


Reflecting on the moment and the possibilities of moving forward will be the subject of our conversation. Time is of the essence.

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