Reflections on Astrology and the Spiritual Life

"Living in the Twelfth House Whether You Like it Or Not"

by Pam Tyler, August 2020 


Traditional natal astrology associated the 12th House with hospitals, jails, asylums and hidden enemies. Sometimes called the “House of Self-Undoing”, it holds secrets known and unknown to oneself, as much as to the world. Fantasy, as much as fear, reigns in this House. We erect artificial or real protective walls in this area. Even if one’s 12th house has no stakeholders (planets), the Sign and Ruler of the 12th cusp suggests character traits obscured or denied.


For example: A person with Taurus occupying the 12th house cusp with no planets in the house, can be a closet materialist, apparently indifferent to making money but remarkably able at acquiring possessions. Yet, when Transits and Progressions to the 12th house stir the pot, a wake-up call ensues.


The best strategy for a 12th house skirmish is to get one’s head out of the sand and keep eyes wide open. The 12th house experience is that of meeting the enemy and discovering that it is us.


The Covid-19 world pandemic forces everyone into the 12th house. Covid anxiety is rattling everyone’s cage, whether one is fighting for life in hospital, trapped in a virus-prone jail or nursing facility, or isolated at home. Conscious fear of the disease, as well as the economic peril, is wreaking havoc. Being literally ‘hemmed in' by masks, social distancing, or quarantining is pushing people’s buttons. Some interpret the mandates as socially responsible. Others view the rules as tyrannical action. Wherever one stands on the issue, Covid-19 is mostly outside of our control.


So, how can we lessen the anxiety stirring up the twelfth house?


For a start, name the fear, own the anger, and then move through it using astrological cues personal to you:


FIRE:  Get physical. Walk, jog, run, swim. Get outside with animals and nature. Dance! Be intimate with others. Get inspired.


AIR:  Read great books. Take online Zoom classes. Breathe! Write snail mail letters to friends and family. Practice writing. Put the cell phone on 'do not disturb'. Avoid the 24 hour news cycle.


EARTH:  Take nature hikes. Cultivate your garden with flowers and vegetables. Can fruits for jam. Build something tangible. Re-purpose old furniture. Organize finances. Do life-planning (set up your Will, etc.) Organize pictures. Purge your space of items you don’t enjoy or use and donate those items to thrift shops, etc.


WATER:  Create a Memory Book. Do a life review or Geneaology dig. Connect to your family. Listen to music. Meditate. Experiment with cooking. 



ARIES:  Liberty. Freedom. Fight or flight syndrome. Ask yourself: how do I manage aggression towards others and towards me? What gives me courage? How am I being arrogant? The me-first sign. Competition. Mini marathons. Pioneer. Channel aggression. Focus initiative.  Birthing=renaissance. Confidence builders. Inner warrior/fighter pilot.   


TAURUS:  Possessions. Acquisition. Ask yourself: what do I possess? What possesses me? I own. Possessions. Collections. Gardens. Coins. Piggy bank. Resource accountability. Materialistic. Inner gardener. Banker.

GEMINI:  Information. Gathering Knowledge. Ask yourself: what stimulates my curiosity? Where is the overload? Am I over-stimulated? 24-hour news cycle. Gossip. Shallow study. Inner news reporter. Teacher. 

CANCER:  Home. Nurturing. Cook. Memory books. Children. Ask yourself: who are my family? Where is my home? Where am I a total crybaby? Make a memory book. Crab, self-protective layers. Inner chef. Domestic goddess.


LEO:  Leadership. Creativity. Ask yourself: where am I King or Queen of the castle? When am I queen for a day? How am I royal? How do I create life? Children? Where’s the drama in my life? Theatre. Inner monarchist. 


VIRGO:  Discernment. Order. Perfection. Analysis. Ask yourself: where am I hyper analytical? Vigilant? An order freak? Picky, picky. Critical. Clean and organize. Health. Distinctions. Classification systems. Inventory. Inner-critic. Inner-health fanatic. 


LIBRA:  Relationship. Balance. Justice. Aesthetic and beauty. Inner-Oscar Wilde. Potions and Lotions. Inner Hostess. Beautician. Decorator.


SCORPIO:  Mobilizing resources. Agency. Transforming. Detective work. Motivation. Power. Death. Sexuality. Inner shrink. Ask yourself: am I a detective? Surgeon? END OF LIFE Planning (set up your Will, etc.).

SAGITTARIUS: Travel. Higher education. Religion. Foreign Lands. Philosophy. Sports. Flighty. Adventure. Armchair traveler. Do virtual tours to exotic places, etc. Create a bucket list: Inner Professor, Priest or Philosopher. Inner Travel Agent. 

CAPRICORN: Authority. Governance. Social Ambition. Discipline. Conventional. Control. Inner-corporate CEO. Do a FIVE YEAR PLAN.   


AQUARIUS: Social systems. Groups. Affinity groups. Fixed ideas. Progressive. Inner socialist. Learn new technology. Astrology. Track astronauts. Astronomy. SCI-FI. Inner-Social Activist.

PISCES: Mystical dimension. Cosmic soup. Imagination. Vision. Music. Film. Dance. Fantasy. Altered states. Suffering/resurrection. Universal spirit. Numinous. Spaced out. Inner-musician. Inner-poet. Photographer. Mystic. Binge movies and musical artists.